ITASCA Symposium 2024 Workshops

ITASCA Symposium 2024 Workshops

Four in-person workshops will be offered at the ITASCA Symposium for the those interested in refreshing or expanding their abilities with ITASCA software. The workshops will be held, in parallel sessions, on Thursday, June 6, 2024. Each of these workshops has a participation fee of CND$180 (CND$90 for student registrants). For those interested in IMAT (ITASCA Mining Analysis Toolbox), a fifth workshop being held June 4-5, 2024 at the Toronto Marriott City Centre Hotel. The participation fee for this workshop is CND$1,500 + 13% GST.

Space is limited for all workshops. If you have any questions, please contact us at

If you are attending the full ITASCA Symposium, please register for these workshops through the Symposium website.

MORNING (8 am – 12 noon)

PYTHON AND ADVANCED FISH — Room A (TBD), Chris Thielsen and Jim Hazzard


Join us for an overview of Python and working with Python in ITASCA software for the first half of this workshop. Learn about the Python modules which are included with ITASCA software and how to add new modules. This workshop is suitable for those who have never used Python before or for advanced Python users interested in working with Python in ITASCA software.

For the second half of this workshop, advanced FISH capabilities will be reviewed; including working with lists, splitting, multithreading, and file read/write. The use of multithreaded FISH will greatly enhance the capability and performance of FISH scripting, especially for very large models and when using scripting during model cycling.

It is recommended that you bring your laptop, but not required. A two-week long trial version of the latest ITASCA software will be distributed as part of this workshop. All project and data files reviewed will be provided plus the slides (as PDFs).



Join us for a review of numerical modeling static liquefaction of mine tailings using Itasca software FLAC2D or FLAC3D version 9. Static liquefaction has been in the spotlight as it has been associated with numerous recent failures of tailings storage facilities (e.g., the 2019 failure of Dam I at the Corrego de Feijao mine in Brumadinho, Brazil) and water reservoir dams (e.g., the 2020 failure of Edenville dam in Michigan).

This half-day workshop will discuss core concepts of static liquefaction based on the critical state soil mechanics framework and outline how to assess static liquefaction through numerical modeling. Goals for this workshop include:

  • Reviewing the state-of-practice and state-of-the-art techniques to assess static liquefaction.
  • Constitutive model (focusing on NorSand model) for static liquefaction.
  • How to estimate material properties for static liquefaction assessment from laboratory (e.g., Triaxial tests) and in-situ (e.g., CPT) experimental data.
  • Numerical modeling analyses for static liquefaction using FLAC2D or FLAC3D, including grid generation, staged construction simulation, fluid calculation, drained and undrained static liquefaction analysis.

A two-week long trial version of the latest ITASCA software will be distributed as part of this workshop and all slides will be made available as PDFs.

LUNCH (12 noon to 1 pm, on your own)

AFTERNOON (1 pm – 5 pm)



Join us for a brief introduction to machine learning as it applies to geomechanics. The workshop starts with an introduction to machine learning and surrogate modeling. The workshop will discuss the advantages of each methodology and highlight the capability of numerical simulations to empower machine learning, finishing with a review of two real-world projects that involved the use of machine learning. The goal of this course is to demystify machine learning for those that still see it as a buzzword and demonstrate that machine learning should be part of the standard engineering problem-solving “toolbox”. A two-week long trial version of the latest ITASCA software will be distributed as part of this workshop and all slides will be made available as PDFs.

TUNNEL MODELING FOR CIVIL ENGINEERS — Room B (TBD), Marco Camusso and Jim Hazzard


Join us for an overview of modeling tunneling using ITASCA software. The workshop will describe recommended procedures for tunnel modeling including 2D versus 3D analysis, mesh generation tools, simulation of different support systems (including non-linear support), consideration of water, the latest constitutive models, and the post-processing of the model results. Instruction will be delivered mostly through the working of practical examples. Previous experience with ITASCA software is beneficial but not essential. A two-week long trial version of the latest ITASCA software will be distributed as part of this workshop and all slides will be made available as PDFs.

FULL TWO-DAY (June 4 - 5)

IMAT IMMERSIVE TRAINING — Raptor Room (Toronto Marriott City Centre Hotel), Gys Basson


During the ITASCA Symposium, ITASCA is launching IMAT (Itasca's Mining Analysis Toolbox) our groundbreaking software tailored exclusively for underground and open pit mining applications.

What Sets IMAT Apart?

Modern & Intuitive Interface: No scripting required! IMAT boasts a sleek, user-friendly design that simplifies the process of building, solving, and post-processing large-scale mining problems.
Bridging the Gap: IMAT pioneers the fusion of advanced seismic data integration and numerical modeling. We've seamlessly combined the robust FLAC3D solver with a state-of-the-art seismic data analysis tool.
Everyday User-Friendly: Our software was meticulously designed with "simplicity" as the guiding principle. IMAT effortlessly introduces advanced geotechnical and seismological concepts, making it accessible to everyone.

Key Features at a Glance

Streamlined Interface: Say goodbye to complexity and hello to efficiency!
Powerful Integration: Witness the synergy between the FLAC3D solver and advanced seismic data analysis.
User-Centric Design: Unlock the potential of advanced concepts with ease.

Unlock the full potential of IMAT during our exclusive hands-on training workshop running parallel to the conference. Here's a sneak peek into what awaits you on each day:

Day 1: June 4 - Introduction to IMAT: Combining Seismology and Numerical Modeling

The integration of Seismology and Numerical Modelling presents a synergistic approach for acquiring a comprehensive understanding of subsurface geological conditions. Presently, mining operations frequently necessitate the expertise of external consultants to navigate the interface between these two disciplines. During this session, our objective is to dispel this prevailing misconception by elucidating seismological principles in a straightforward manner.

Agenda Highlights:

  • Introduction to IMAT: Your gateway to revolutionary mining analysis.
  • Seismic Systems Unveiled: Explore how they become your mining allies.
  • Visualizing and Interpreting Seismic Data: Demystifying complexities.
  • Local Magnitude vs Richter Magnitude: A simplified breakdown.
  • Seismic Source Mechanisms: Mastering interpretation and calibration.
  • Seismic Parameters for Rock Mass Insight: Mitigate risks with knowledge.
  • Extracting Seismic Data from Numerical Models: Bridging theory with practice.

Day 2: June 5 - Using IMAT to Build and Post-process Mine Scale Models

Hands-on Experience

  • CAD Magic: Transforming surveyed data into an automated mine scale model.
  • MAP3D to FLAC3D Conversion: Streamlining the process for efficiency for existing users.
  • Solving Models in FLAC3D through IMAT: Witness the power in action.
  • Post-Processing Brilliance: Unveiling stress/strain results with ease.
  • Post-Processing Large Mining Sequences: Generating Movies for Entire Mining Sequences.

Why Attend?

  • Learn directly from experts.
  • Hands-on application of IMAT concepts.
  • Network with industry professionals.
  • Stay at the forefront of mining technology.


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