Itasca Windows 9.00 Update

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Latest Version: 9.00.169 (Description)
Released On: martes, may. 7, 2024

Installation Instructions

As of Version 9, the Itasca Software Windows MSI will install 3DEC, FLAC2D, FLAC3D, MassFlow, PFC2D, and PFC3D on your computer. If you do not have a valid license for one of these programs it will run in demonstration mode. Please note that this installer contains ALPHA, PRE-RELEASE, and RELEASE software:

  • 3DEC
    • RELEASE version
  • FLAC2D
    • RELEASE version
  • FLAC3D
    • RELEASE version
  • PFC2D and PFC3D
    • PRE-RELEASE version (Public BETA); use accordingly
  • MassFlow
    • RELEASE version

Click the download link below and double-click on the file name to initiate software installation. Follow the installation directions.

Itasca Windows Installer 9.0 Update

Software Update Revisions

Revision Date Description
169 may. 7, 2024

New features and improvements
- Documentation updates.
- Some UI updates.
- Add template cmake file for user-defined models.
- FLAC2d/3D Allow plots of N-Side links.
- FLAC2d/3D Improve performances of Maxwell damping for non-linearity, including nonlinear constitutive model, nonlinear structure elements and nonlinear structure links.
- PYTHON add None in Python and FISH.
- 3DEC Add total keyword to block insitu topography command
- PYTHON Set/Get symmetric tensor between Python and FISH.
- IMASS Add a new property "in_mod_minyoungrm", the minimum Young's modulus the rock can be degraded.

Bug Fixes
- Fix a couple of reported crashes.
- Fix interactive range polygon which did not work for non-convex shape.
- Fix that workspace disappears when a test run fails in a file that is open in the workspace.
- FLAC2D Fix FISH intrinsics struct.force.nodal not setting/getting the correct moment for second node of beam-type elements.
- FLAC2D Fix automatic rotation of background geometry.
- FLAC3D Fix a crash when restoring a v7 save file.
- FLAC2d/3D Fix Sketch when restoring a save file arc segments get incorrect orientation.
- 3DEC Fix some examples.
- 3DEC Minor fix to block contact persistence command.
- PFC Fix the rblock test and also the case of tension with Mohr model.
- PFC Fix behavior with slip weakening.
- PFC Fix force comparison in contact model.

168 abr. 2, 2024

Major Update:
- MASSFLOW v900 now is in Release.

New features and improvements
- Installation now has options to include or exclude components.
- All examples now are with complete keywords in commands.
- Now throw an error if skipping separation due to zone joints.
- Improved fix for possible blowing up tetra.
- PYTHON Add force_load, fracture.decimate and work-related method in gridpoinarray.
- 3DEC Add ability to specify variable viscosity for joint flow.
- PFC Do not allow rblocks with aspect ratio greater than 100,000.

Bug Fixes
- Fix reported crashes.
- Fix bug in FLAC3D-3DEC coupling.
- PYTHON now works with python dict and list.
- FLAC2D/3D Fix bug in fluid module restore.
- 3DEC Fix bug in mouse-over block plot item.
- 3DEC Fix bug in colormap plot command export for block plot item.
- 3DEC Fix bug in creation of hybrid bolts for models with very large coordinates.
- 3DEC Fix bug in plotting of flow velocity and discharge.

167 feb. 16, 2024

New features and improvements
- Improve attach logic when absolute coordinates are large.
- Add dip and dip direction inputs to zone initialize stress principal command.

Bug Fixes
- Fix some reported crashes.
- Fix zone joint delete command.
- Fix bug where code copied around.
- Remove unnecessary secondary check for creep timestep for Burger-type models.
- FLAC2D/3D Fix bug in plotting of outline of zone joints.
- FLAC2D/3D Fix possible distorted faces for gp-to-face attaches.
- FLAC2D/3D Fix sketch segment-node transform origin command.
- Fix save/restore on relax conditions.
- 3DEC Fix bug in hybrid bolt creation in 3DEC for very short bolts.
- 3DEC Fix bug in generation of flow planes.
- 3DEC Fix bug in FISH functions flowplane.vertex.weight1 and weight2.

166 ene. 18, 2024

Major Update:
- 3DEC v900 now is in Release.

New features and improvements
- Compiler is updated to Intel OneAPI 2024.
- Zone joint improvements: Add documentation for permeability; Add ability for contact groups to be identified by gridpoint groups as well, so if change groups on zones or faces this is reflected in contact groups; Improvement on merging and nulling/un-nulling zone joints. The contacts are now inhibited if nulled, and are automatically re-populated if un-nulled. If merging happens they are deleted automatically.
- Add a flag property so that users can select which stress (effective or total) having the swelling effect in the Swell model.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: improved the zone size command.
- 3DEC Add FLAC3D-3DEC coupled dynamic example.
- 3DEC Add 3DEC persistence example and docs.
- 3DEC Add number-control-points keyword to block zone gen-new command.
- 3DEC Allow for disabling of vertex-vertex contacts (block contact vertex-vertex off).
- 3DEC Allow for use of range with block cut joint-set command.
- PFC Speed up cutting with fractures by a factor of 4.
- PFC Improve fluid/mechanical coupling structures and algorithms.

Bug Fixes
- Zone joint: fix save/restore issue with permeability.
- Fix bug in structure node->zone links in zones with attach conditions.
- Fix decimal locale for Linux version.
- Fix that temporary folders not removed after decompression of compressed result files.
- Fix cmodel range that fluid null model is confusing with solid null model.
- Fix bug in the zone initialize stress command where stresses were not being calculated correctly due to incorrect determination of face intersections where density changed in zones.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Fix unknown exception when the path has a polyline segment.
- 3DEC Bug fix to function.
- 3DEC Fix bug in importing rigid blocks when zoned blocks already exist.
- 3DEC Fix bug in joint plot item.
- PFC Fix the dowel creation.
- MASSFLOW SLC drawbells and IMZ on any RetreatAzimuth.
- MASSFLOW Fix crashing saving after restoring.

165 nov. 30, 2023

New features and improvements
- Add log-normal distribution for DFN fracture size.
- Zone joint fluid support explicit fluid logic; add zone join permeability command.
- Reset the default geometry node size to 2.
- 3DEC Add block contact persistence command.
- 3DEC Minor speedup to block cut command.
- MASSFLOW some optimization.

Bug Fixes
- Fix crashes reported by users.
- Fix crash when trying to import a DXF file with zero size.
- Fix console bugs on typing.
- Fix inconsistency between picking and legend of contour when using default maximum value.
- Fixes to the panel buttons (Workspace, Project, Commands) on open close of app and project and interaction between Workspace and Control panel open/close.
- 3DEC Fix one function that was accidentally single-threaded into multi-threaded.
- 3DEC Small bug fix in joint flow logic.

164 oct. 23, 2023

New features and improvements
- 3DEC v900 is officially in Pre-Release (Public Beta).
- Update inline help tool.
- More GUI updates.
- Add missing 3DEC creep manual.
- Update SuperPro drivers/libraries to latest available (7.7.1).
- Phone info is now optional when sending technical support request.
- Add check for zone joints at gridpoints to be separated. Similar to the attach logic - don't allow separation through zone joints and output a warning about it.
- Add zone joints to the list of commands.
- Improve SUBI model so that it is working for the rare case when the failure surface is non-convex.
- Add missing read-only properties in Concrete model.
- Change error message into a warning per request when deleting a relax apply.
- FLAC2D Add FISH support to get scaled properties from stuct.prop function and struct <sel-type> list property command.
- 3DEC Add block relax command.
- 3DEC Add map attributes to scalar, vector and tensor plot items.
- 3DEC Add data export command.
- PFC Speed up rblock brick replication by a few orders of magnitude.
- MASSFLOW DFZ plot plus Ringmass output.
- MASSFLOW Add reading Mine blocks dynamically from csv comma delimited files.
- MASSFLOW Adding csv options to drawpoint import, drawpoint import-drawbell, and drawpoint import-drawperiod.
- MASSFLOW Fragmentation now computed as the mean of Weibull distribution from PriFragA n PriFragB as Shape n Scale.

Bug Fixes
- Fix several reported crashes.
- Fix wonky progress bar.
- Fix return value of FISH if a reference was passed in.
- Fix issue on long paths in the new startup dialog being truncated.
- Fix possible lagged plotting during movie frame generation.
- Project directory now gets added to sys.path on save/restore.
- Fix decompressing file from GUI.
- Fix that a closed control panel on save project is broken on reopen.
- Fix color-by property when values are numerically the same.
- Fix to frameless resize in Linux.
- Fix the zone joint cutplane interpolate rendering issue.
- FLAC2D Fix bug in cable and pile spacing. Some properties were not being scaled correctly.
- FLAC2D/3D Fix interface plot where color map change cannot be saved into project.
- FLAC2D/3D IMASS update to ensure peak envelop always stress upper-bound.
- FLAC2D/3D Fix FISH intrinsics struct.liner.normal.disp and struct.liner.shear.disp.
- FLAC2D/3D Fix some issues with view selector in Sketch.
- FLAC2D/3D Fix a multithreading bug.
- 3DEC Fix bug in contact groups when cutting.
- 3DEC Fix multi-threading plot bug for non-const zone contours.
- 3DEC Fix bug in applying normal velocity BCs to joined blocks.
- 3DEC Fix bug in 3DEC/FLAC3D coupling: made HEX option the default for block densify command.
- 3DEC Fix bug in densifying blocks when using max-length.
- 3DEC Fix picking bug in block plot.
- PFC Fix on timestep dip.
- MASSFLOW Fix DFZ width.

163 set. 13, 2023

New features and improvements
- Documentation update.
- FLAC2D/3D Change to relative contact detection tolerance for zone joints.
- FLAC2D/3D Add the separate keyword to the by-slot command for zone joints.
- FLAC2D/3D Apply the group names to the contacts for zone joint plotting.
- FLAC2D/3D Add contact.gps and gp.contacts FISH intrinsics for zone joint plotting.
- FLAC2D/3D Add minimum-edge parameter to rblock cutting for zone joint plotting.
- 3DEC Timestep and damping change
- PFC Add the configure bbm command for rblocks.
- PFC Add position keyword to find contact for history.
- PFC Speed up cutting.
- PFC Speed up wall creation when many walls.
- MASSFLOW update on SLC and plotting.
- Python Added PyYaml to the python imports.

Bug Fixes
- Fix several crashes.
- Fix a minor bug with FISH intrinsic.
- Fix a MPI deterministic issue.
- Upper-bound the auto safety-factor adjustment.
- FLAC3D Update COMBA model, add apex correction for joints.
- FLAC3D Fix anisotropic thermal model on property inputs.
- FLAC2D/3D Fix user-defined modeling in Linux.
- FLAC2D/3D Fix the standard behavior of creating zone joints.
- FLAC2D/3D Fix for thermal attach issue with zone joints.
- 3DEC Fix one-way and two-way coupling.
- PFC Fix stress installation with ratio.

162 jul. 29, 2023

New features and improvements
- Documentation update and cleanup.
- Many improvements of UI.
- Auto adjustment of safety-factor for zones with large aspect-ratios.
- Now check allowable creep time step in each individual creep constitutive model with error message if time step is too large.
- Update of file compression/decompression, temporary directory is now created within project files.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: the background geometry is automatically rotated on sketch.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: added a logic to check if a geometry set is planar.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: allow exporting non-linear path from Sketch to Building Blocks.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: add the sketch set copy command.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: preserve the edge data such as number of zone, ratio, group for new edges created with array or reflect command.
- FLAC2D/3D Add a second argument to the FISH intrinsic zone.tetra.smallest.vol so that the user can select options of undeformed or deformed volume.
- - MASSFLOW Add and update examples.

Bug Fixes
- Fix bug on web license on error messages.
- Fix several crashes on UI.
- Fix sluggish UI issue.
- Fix duplicated datafile when some datafile is in a network driver.
- FLAC3D Fix the displacement disparity issues in zone joints.
- FLAC2D/3D Fix the FISH intrinsic zone.condition when the 2nd argument = 2, where it was based on deformed rather than undeformed volume.
- FLAC2D/3D Improve hydration-Drucker-Prager model on initial stiffness.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: fix an issue when the original edge is a line, its data (size,ratio,group) might be not transferred to the new edges created with array or reflect command.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: fix bug with Edge Utility tool, when select array or reflect command from the menu, the icon's tool is changed but if the user clicks on this tool, combine command is triggered.
- 3DEC Fix on thermal issue.
- PFC Fix on thermal issue.
- PFC Fix bug in rblock densify tet/triangle.
- PFC Fix multi-threading bug in tractions command.
- Python: Fix get/set group methods of flow array.

161 jun. 21, 2023

Major improvements:
- FLAC2D v900 now is in Release.

New features and improvements
- Documentation and example update (index of all examples).
- Redundant close button in file editor is removed.
- Improved zone joint plotitem.
- FLAC2D/3D Curve keyword is added for consistency in Sketch (synonym to spline).
- FLAC2D/3D Zone joint deletion is significantly sped up.
- FLAC2D Add new Example and Verification problems in documentation.
- PFC Add new Examples to distribution.
- PFC Make quad faces at splitting when possible for rigid blocks.
- MASSFLOW General improvements, optimization and speed-up due to multithreading (~1.7x).

Bug Fixes
- Fix to codes launching issue on Linux.
- Fix broken icons on Linux.
- Fix hybrid SEL delete issue.
- Fix for the property set command for dowels.
- FLAC2D/3D Made arc type curves be only available in Front/Construction view in Sketch.
- FLAC2D Fix bug in pile rockbolt elements to properly accumulate axial tensile force when tensile strength is exceeded.
- PFC Fix bug with exporting pyramids for rigid blocks

160 may. 16, 2023

New features and improvements
- Documentation and example update.
- Improvement to structure node initialize command.
- Add interval-time to FISH callback execution.
- Optimize the confined stiffness for some stress-dependent models.
- Add support for separate membrane and bending thicknesses for elastic orthotropic and anisotropic shells.
- FLAC2D Update zonepython interface.node and interface.node.array.
- FLAC2D Update of pore-pressure fixity plotitem.
- FLAC2D Add embedded liners.
- FLAC2D Add water table plot in 2D when water table is not specified.
- FLAC3D Add examples importing grid from abaqus, ansys and midas, re-organize related doc.
- FLAC3D Add 3D zone joint example application.
- FLAC2D/3D Implement functionality to rename a Sketch set.
- FLAC2D/3D Minor clean-up in zonepython interface array.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Improved behavior of select-by-break-angle. If Ctrl+Shift is pressed, selection continues past edges junction along the smallest angle.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Users can hold Ctrl to rotate the square inside the quad split section.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Remove arc type option from Extrusion views.
- 3DEC Speed up property plotting.
- 3DEC Add "no past" to state plot.
- PFC Add sn_states property.
- PFC Expose the convergence and use it with the subspringnetwork model to detect instabilities automatically.
- PFC Allow the boundaries to be accounted for when making Voronoi tessellations.
- PFC Add group-both to by-face and by-slot.
- PFC Bring create-on-overlap to all contact types.
- PFC Add the ball, clump, wall, and rblock remap-interval commands.
- MASSFLOW Add range active for massflow markers and drawpoints. Deprecated range marker-active command.
- MASSFLOW Add massflow drawpoint drawbell-to-geometry command.
- MASSFLOW Add example for importing rockmass fracture data.
- MASSFLOW Add nothrow keyword to block zone generate command to prevent stopping of command processing if zoning fails.

Bug Fixes
- Fix problem with v9 installer shredding PFC v7.
- Bug fix to structure liner initialize coupling.
- Fix some GUI issues.
- Fix transparency restore bug for plots.
- Fix bug with nested data file interrupts not being handled correctly.
- Fix for zone apply relax condition restore issue.
- FLAC2D Add desktop shortcut for Linux.
- FLAC2D/3D Fix slope wizard logic in Sketch and updated couple docs.
- FLAC2D/3D Fix an inconsistency of norsand model due to a previous update.
- FLAC2D/3D Bug fix for zone separate when intersecting apply face conditions.
FLAC2D/3D Sketch: fix several bugs.
- 3DEC Fix bug in mouse-over for block plot item with cut plane.
- PFC Fix for inlets and relaxation.
- PFC Fix for the rblock group and facet group in the plotting.

159 abr. 14, 2023

Major improvements:
- FLAC3D v900 now Release.

New features and improvements
- Documentation and example update, e.g., add examples for zone joints and non-linear structures.
- Many GUI improvements and updates.
- Add open to context menu for geometry page.
- Have the combo boxes adjust size.
- Show the file modified flag and modification status in content selector.
- Add keyboard shortcuts to the content selector.
- Add more info/warnings for table commands.
- Enable FOS for zone joints in 2D.
- Select (E,v) rather than (k,G) in the material property dialogue.
- Add multiple elasticity options for NorSand model - elasticity can be void ratio related.
- Minor update to Soft-Soil model - remove the property ratio-radius from readable-only category.
- Add access to subcontact gaps.
- Clarify error message if failure to form flexibility matrix of shell element.
- Deprecate the keyword moi-polar and introduce the new keyword torsion-constant for beam elements.
- FISH globals in the control panel.
- Python Add zonearray.stress_effective.
- FLAC2D/3D Add info of zone number when assigning a constitutive model.
- FLAC2D/3D Change info into warning for face apply conflicts.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: improve Auto-zoning; add view selector; move array tool from control panel to menu; add Reflect Edge dialog.
- PFC Add tet/triangle densification.

Bug Fixes
- Fix the background meshing capabilities.
- Correct judgment of duplicated or same-position nodes of 1D structure elements.
- After deleting a tab, the move-right button of the remaining tab (if one) is not updated.
- Fix issue with Building-Block. when importing from Sketch, BBs were created with incorrect number of zones on edges.
- Fix when the plot carousel is turned off.
- Fix copy/cut from right-click.
- Fix the scrollbar issue with FISH globals.
- Fix issue with plot tools visible when only the editor pane is visible.
- Fix issue with modified editor files asking user to save them when closing.
- Fix shell remap - only form K if shell was valid at save.
- Python Fix interfacenodearray.set_prop_scalar.
- FLAC2D Fix p2psand property mess-up in 2D.
- FLAC2D/3D Bug fix to save/restore of face group objects that only have apply item data.
- FLAC2D/3D Fix issue with FOS values not being reset with new command.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: multiple fixes for Top view mode in Extrusion view.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: fixes for updated toolbar layout and new dialog.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: enable and fix some issues with "array" and "reflect" commands.
- PFC Fix xz stress component when queried in FISH.
- PFC Fix issues while developing the new contact resolution logic.
- PFC Fix the background meshing capabilities and improved construction.
- MASSFLOW Minor fixes.

158 mar. 9, 2023

New features and improvements
- Documentation update.
- Add a FISH intrinsic
- Enable FISH intrinsic of group and extra for data.label.
- Python Add xlrd module to read old format .xls Excel files.
- FLAC2D Add spacing keyword to beam-type and cable docs.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: small improvement for perpendicular mode on GUI.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: improve the feature to extrude by rotation; more options on Extrude-by-rotation dialog.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: make New-Sketch dialog consistent with the one in building-block or geometry pane.
- PFC If curvature is changing and the area is less than 1% of the previous area then contact has moved so reset forces and moments.
- MASSFLOW Make some FISH functions writable.

Bug Fixes
- Fix possible crash when a file not closed in a FISH function.
- FLAC2D Correct liner name for 2D liners.
- FLAC2D Fix grid importing from ANSYS when data in long scientific format.
- FLAC2D/3D Fix if modifying some model properties multiple times in FISH functions.
- FLAC2D/3D Fix grid importing that did not allow the plus sign being recognized outside of the exponent.
- FLAC2D/3D Fix issue with plotting zone labels (in 2D) and gp fixity (2D/3D) even after zones were nulled.
- 3DEC Fix multi-threading issue with structures.
- 3DEC Multi-threading updating of linked gridpoints.

157 feb. 15, 2023

New features and improvements
- Documentation update.
- Update user-defined model (UDM) template.
- Add show left and show right to project pane.
- FLAC2D Update getting started tutorial and illustrative tutorial.
- FLAC2D Plotting of zone IDs in 2D.
- FLAC2D/3D Speed up zone gridpoint import pore pressure command.
- FLAC2D/3D Minor Optimize property list in material property dialog.
- FLAC2D/3D Add GSI, damage (disturbance) factor and MI as optional input parameters for Hoek-Brown and Hoek-Brown-PAC models.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: add mesh now button on the mesh parameter dialog.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: add the capability to export construction scene as dxf.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: support all special cases of degenerated blocks when creating zones by rotation.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: can now export irregular blocks into dxf file
- 3DEC Multithreaded joint triangulation.
- PFC Add contact fixity.
- PFC Modifications to support outputting to a grid file.
- PFC Add the rblock reflect command.
- PFC Handle null and un-null of zones better.
- PFC Add the unbalanced apply condition.
- PFC Add the contact.vel and contact.spin FISH intrinsics.
- MASSFLOW Add sanity test for block model import.

Bug Fixes
- Fixes to restoring/reopening projects and re-setting the focus.
- Fix display plot names with special characters.
- Fix issue on non-standard characters in file/path names.
- Minor bug fix with plotitem of water.
- Fix utf8 issue.
- fix to restore compressed results files.
- Modify DFN file import to set properties as well as extra variables for Fracman and Rockmass formats.
- FLAC2D Fix zone picking issues.
- FLAC2D/3D Minor bug fix for analytical thermal logic.
- FLAC2D/3D Fix Mohr-Coulomb property names for factor of safety analysis.
- FLAC2D/3D Small change when separating zones.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: fix issue with incorrect snapping to background issue when splitting an edge with another edge or a point.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: fix an endless loop bug.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: fix bug when export arc into dxf file.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: fix issue with creating extrusion path when snapping segments to background geometry.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: fix issue with restoring sav state.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: fix issue with incorrectly displaying model projections in views (bottom/side).
- PFC Fix delete FISH intrinsics.
- PFCFix the Mohr model with residual values when no slip weakening.
- 3DEC Update format working for importing individual fractures.

156 ene. 6, 2023

New features and improvements
- Documentation and example update - many updates on structure documentation.
- EULA adjustment.
- Add latest version 5.3.0 of CM2 libraries.
- Add Python lib of pyopenxl.
- Add icon gray-out/highlight to the workspace content selector pull-down to indicate whether a document is already in the workspace view. Also provide a modified indicator for data files.
- Adjust layout width of property list.
- Add Maxwell dynamic damping option for non-rigid structure links.
- FLAC2D A lot of structure improvements.
- FLAC2D Enable Python support for Attach logic in 2D.
- FLAC2D/3D Update Lode angle interpolation function and algorithm of NorSand model.
- FLAC2D/3D Add add-control-point keyword to sketch edge create by-points command which is needed to transfer FLAC geometry to Sketch commands.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Increase thickness of background geometry lines and fixed long-standing issue with wrong scaling of selection rectangle for background geometry.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: improvements: improved restview on ExtrusionScene; update the size of anchor points for background item on ExtrusionScene.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: command that creates the segments from background geometry now works with rotation/translation/scale.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: the rubberband selection now works similarly to Rhino. If selection rectangle drawn from left to right, items within rectangle is selected; if drawn from right to left, items cross the rectangle is also selected.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: segments are clean before generating from background geometry.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: better projection for background geometry set in Extrusion Scene.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: support degenerated blocks when creating zones by rotating.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: create functionality to "centralize" background geometry in the Extrusion view so the left corner of it (typically lower-left) matches the first node of the extrusion path.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: enable functionality to draw extrusion path by snapping extrusion nodes to background geometry.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: introduced new capability to lock first extrusion node (this is default option).
- 3DEC Improve zoning logic (block zone generate-new) by adding a new option to specify the number of control points on block faces.
- 3DEC Faster the zoning logic.
- 3DEC Fix block to-flac3d to hybrid bolt creation in FLAC3D.
- 3DEC Some plotitems are multithreaded.
- 3DEC New command block join-by-contact.
- MASSFLOW Add FISH functions for extracted markers.
- MASSFLOW Add color and map to drawbell to drawpoint plot item.

Bug Fixes
- Fix project restore bug.
- Fix highlight in project pane was incorrect.
- Fix for using the modified icon in the content selector.
- program echo off turns off the information and progress but not warnings or log files.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: fix the gridpoint order in ExtrusionGenBlock may be not correct.
- FLAC2D/3D Fix bug that user defined models not automatically loaded.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: fix issue with inconsistent translation/centralizing of the extrusion path (using sketch path translate center) when switching from Construction to Extrusion view. Now extrusion path is automatically "centralized" only when it contains unmodified default edge; any changes to the path disable automatic "centralization".
- 3DEC Fix to flow plane generation when using block zone gen new.
- PFC Add the ability to match multiple keywords.
- PFC In the Mohr model all one to set a flag so that if a tensile failure then the pore pressure is set to 0.
- PFC Fix issue if oddMeshConnect.
- PFC Fix Rblock export to zones.
- MASSFLOW Fix bug in secondary fragmentation when file is restored.

155 nov. 13, 2022

New features and improvements
- Documentation update.
- Get back missing datafile in Linux version.
- Update EULA.
- Reverse the tolerance before 154 for calculating of principal stresses and directions.
- Keep modified files in memory while viewing other files, so the user can open the file again in the work space and undo/redo changes from previous views.
- Repairs to restore some FISH tables and fix width of one command map.
- FLAC2D Enable zonepython, zonepythonobject and zonepythonarray modules.
- MASSFLOW Add command massflow marker size-distribution.
- PFC Add range to the contact creation command.

Bug Fixes
- Cleanup the command model creep solve.
- Fix bug that convection apply cannot be changeable with FISH.
- Fix inadvertently broken remembrance of data files in projects.
- Manage having the same file name with different extensions when restoring projects.
- FLAC2D/3D Add zone id for illegal geometry error info.
- FLAC3D Fix bug that zone property cannot be assigned through python function set_prop_scalar when there are null zones.
- 3DEC Fix bug in generating flow planes when using block zone gen-new.
- PFC Fix bug when importing from "FLAC3D.
- PFC Fix new-side-group and make get vertex contacts too.
- PFC Fix body work accumulation for clumps and rblocks.

154 oct. 28, 2022

Major improvements
- FLAC3D, FLAC2D and MASSFLOW v900 are officially in Pre-Release (Public Beta).
- Implemented Phase 2 of updated and improved Graphical User Interface.
- Updated Python to version 3.10.5.
- New enhanced Search & Replace dialog.
- Updated Visual Studio 2022 template for creating User-defined models.
- New capability to import pore pressure from csv files containing unstructured points.

New features and improvements
- Changed the default size of heading and copyright displayed on plots, made font size adjustable by user.
- Run button is now available for each .dat file; Stop button is moved to the top menu bar.
- Plots can now use improved Log scale with additional grid lines displaying.
- Improved scientific notation for plots legend and axes.
- Changed plastic state names for NorSand model.
- Enabled excluding past plastic states from plotting.
- Remember the cursor position and selection when reopening a data file within the same project session.
- Updated algorithms for calculation of tensor's principal direction, now follow right-hand rule.
- Modified read-only properties for IMASS and Hoek-Brown models.
- FLAC2D/3D Added Density in the material properties dialog available in the Model pane.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Substituted 3-point circle option with new Quad-Split circle. Removed old option to create Quad-Split circles from blocks.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Extrusion path is automatically centralized based on the extent of the Sketch geometry.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Intersecting segments in the extrusion view are automatically highlighted.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Added capability to deselect items with rectangular area using CTRL+ALT+selection.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: updated commands and FISH documentation.
- FLAC2D Enabled NMD for axisymmetric mode.
- FLAC2D Added geometric shape quality metric option to zone geometry-test command and zone.condition FISH function.
- FLAC2D Improvements in face selection in Model pane.
- FLAC2D Enabled additional Python bindings/functions.
- FLAC2D Corrected a set of input parameters for constitutive models derived from Weak-Plane type model.
- FLAC2D Verified and updated P2PSand model.
- FLAC2D Commands and FISH documentation is completed for Zone, SEL (Cable, Beam, Pile).
- FLAC2D Created new documentation section "FLAC2D Quick Start Tutorial".
- FLAC2D Created new documentation section "FLAC2D for FLAC8.1 users".
- FLAC2D Updated documentation for several Verification Examples and Example Applications
- Updated documentation/examples for Ramberg-Osgood hysteretic constitutive model and IMASS.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue with tiles becoming inactive when restoring model.
- Fix list command for Ramberg-Osgood model.
- Fixed some broken documentation paths when pressing F1.
- Fixes to the License Generator.
- FLAC2D/3D Fixed broken struct ... import from-sketch command.
- FLAC2D/3D Fixed deleting geometry set when deleting corresponding background geometry in Sketch.
- FLAC2D/3D Increased accuracy in Jacobi implicit solver to get accurate solution for some extreme cases.
- FLAC2D/3D Fixed link creation on structural nodes when zones are created or un-nulled.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: fixed mouse snapping issues to an existing edge with the presence of the background grid.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: fixed some back-compatibility issues.
- FLAC3D Sketch: Fixed issue with creating zones from "flipped" extrusion segments.
- FLAC2D Fixed Zoom-to-selection in Model pane.

153 set. 17, 2022

Major improvements
- FLAC3D v900 is officially in Beta.
- Added AWS cloud computer and cluster creation wizard, available under the Tools menu.
- Major user interface update. Central workspace is now divisible by the user.
- Updated the license not found dialog, added a security diagnostics output option for better support.

New features and improvements
- Added support for non-constant non-linear structural element properties.
- The User Interface can now detect if GPU support was enabled in Remote Desktop connections and stop forcing ANGLE mode and stop removing all plots.
- History/Table plots using log axes now have improved display.
- FLAC2D/3D Added ability to include accelerations in results files.
- FLAC2D/3D The 'zone validate' command now has the option to detect unconnected regions.
- FLAC2D/3D The demonstration size limit was raised to 1000.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Added background grid
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Added command to specify deleting mode for extrude paths.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Added command to create segment between two points.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Added ruler.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: The keywords 'zone-length' and 'length' now work with segments.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Edge length is not displayed on information dialog and object properties.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Improved performance of zoom when curved segments are present.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Added ability to select objects by group.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Improved ability to import 3D DXF into 2D Sketch.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Can select multiple edges and assign the same ratio to them.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Added ability to merge nodes.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: New tool added to clean up edges and points outside meshed regions.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Added grid snapping to extrusion scene.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Added ability to assign ratios independent of edge directions.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Added polyline tool.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Added option to reverse (flip) ratio direction.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Added option for extrusion path to UI.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Added extrusion option to keep ends parallel to construction pane.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Added point and clean mesh tool buttons.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Popup editor to add/modify nodes/segment on extrusion view.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Warning message is shown when zones are not able to be created by rotation.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Added 'sketch path translate' command.
- 3DEC Changed minimim size for flow zones to equal the block tolerance.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed error in clock synchronization tests in the web license logic, causing false failures.
- Fixed errors in the struct.prop.index FISH function.
- Fixed error importing DXF files, that caused a crash in the Linux version.
- Fixed bug in fracture connectivity command.
- Fixed bug in set fracture FISH intrinsics.
- The constitutive model template and wizard should work again for v900 and Visual Studio 2022.
- The geometry plot item is more likely to automatically update when geometry data changes.
- The geometry plot item was not saving/restoring the polygon cut line width.
- The Norsand model was updated for better numerical stability.
- Fixed crash if the history/trace update interface is set to zero.
- Fixed an intermittent history read error that could occur if a history plot was visible during a model save.
- The 'program log-file' command was not working with the 'truncate' keyword.
- Increase maximum moduli for some stress-dependent constitutive models.
- PFC Fixed periodic space bugs for rblock-rblock contacts, and for spring network contact model.
- FLAC2D/3D Fixed bug assigning anisotropic fluid properties.
- FLAC2D/3D Fixed '' FISH intrinsic.
- FLAC2D/3D Change all 'stres-strength' labels to 'strength-stress' for clarity.
- FLAC2D/3D Fix crash in model pane using bool type properties.
- FLAC2D/3D Improved performance of attach conditions in MPI.
- FLAC2D Many fixes to axisymmetric calculations.
- FLAC2D Many fixes to 2D structural elements.
- FLAC2D Fies to 2D interface logic.
- 3DEC Fix to contact area calculations for mismatched rigid blocks.
- 3DEC Fix bug in joint fluid flow when using 'block zone gen-new'

152 ago. 10, 2022

Major improvements:
- FLAC2D/3D, PFC, 3DEC, and MassFlow all now use the same unified installer.

New features and improvements
- Sped up performance of the GEOMETRY-DISTANCE range element significantly.
- Fix to the web license system to make it more tolerance of intermittent network connections.
- The web license clock synchronization test should not fail incorrectly any more.
- The various user defined model templates should now work for v900 and Visual Studio 2022.
- Fix bug assignming anisotropic fluid properties.
- FLAC2D/3D Sketch: Lots of features/support for out of plane extrude paths.
- FLAC2D/3D Zone plotitem generation speed improvements.
- FLAC3D Removed ZGROUP plot item, integrated capability into the main zone plotitem. More than 10x faster to generate.
- FLAC3D Added grid import from MIDAS.
- FLAC2D More 2D structural element support.

Bug Fixes
- Fix bug displaying group name in caption on plot.
- Fix bug rendering polygons intersecting a cutting plane.
- Fix history read error that could occasionally happen during a save if a history plot was visible in the UI.
- FLAC3D Fix for save file compatibility with v700 and apply face conditions.
- FLAC2D fixes and adjustments to axisymmetric calculations.
- 3DEC Fixed threading bug in calculations - should be faster.

Revision 151

Major improvements:
- Implementing Phase 1 (out of 5) of an updated Graphical User Interface.
- FLAC2D Initial implementation of axisymmetric analysis - mechanical calculations only (no interfaces). To configure for axisymmetry use command MODEL CONFIG AXISYMMETRY.
- FLAC2D Enabled SEL dynamic logic and added some examples.
- FLAC2D Enabled 'Scale Box' plotitem.
- FLAC2D Enabled 'Boundary' plotitem.
- MassFlow Added MassFlow section to the documentation

New features and improvements
- FLAC2D/3D Display current shape creation tool in the Sketch toolbar.
- FLAC2D/3D Added an option to omit past states when plotting yield states.
- FLAC2D/3D Added "rotation" parameter to the orthotropic elastic model.
- FLAC2D/3D Anisotropic fluid model now can accept hydraulic-conductivity properties.
- FLAC2D Enabled/fixed UI range elements for 2D.
- FLAC2D Enabled Dynamic Input Wizard in the Tools menu.
- FLAC2D Enabled SEL link FISH functions.
- FLAC2D SEL NODE LIST command: added information about translational and rotational acceleration.
- MassFlow Added MASSFLOW RECORD command.
- MassFlow Added FISH and plot items for mine blocks.
- PFC Improved performance of wall-zone logic when attaches are present.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed issue with generating movie frames.
- Fixed CTRL+2 keys combination to focus in the console.
- Fixed issue with throwing an exception if unable to create/write 'projectmaster.dat' when loading a project.
- Fixed issues when exporting user-defined data plotting to a datafile by group.
- Fixed issues with some error dialogs staying on top of all system windows.
- FLAC2D/3D Fixed an exception when merging points in Sketch.
- FLAC2D/3D Fixed geogrid plot with coupling stress.
- FLAC2D Fixed issue with internal designation of FLAC2D licenses which prevented using Technical Support dialog.
- PFC Fixed weights calculation for wall-facet contacts.

151 jul. 6, 2022

Major improvements:
- Implementing Phase 1 (out of 5) of an updated Graphical User Interface.
- FLAC2D Initial implementation of axisymmetric analysis - mechanical calculations only (no interfaces). To configure for axisymmetry use command MODEL CONFIG AXISYMMETRY.
- FLAC2D Enabled SEL dynamic logic and added some examples.
- FLAC2D Enabled 'Scale Box' plotitem.
- FLAC2D Enabled 'Boundary' plotitem.
- MassFlow Added MassFlow section to the documentation

New features and improvements
- FLAC2D/3D Display current shape creation tool in the Sketch toolbar.
- FLAC2D/3D Added an option to omit past states when plotting yield states.
- FLAC2D/3D Added "rotation" parameter to the orthotropic elastic model.
- FLAC2D/3D Anisotropic fluid model now can accept hydraulic-conductivity properties.
- FLAC2D Enabled/fixed UI range elements for 2D.
- FLAC2D Enabled Dynamic Input Wizard in the Tools menu.
- FLAC2D Enabled SEL link FISH functions.
- FLAC2D SEL NODE LIST command: added information about translational and rotational acceleration.
- MassFlow Added MASSFLOW RECORD command.
- MassFlow Added FISH and plot items for mine blocks.
- PFC Improved performance of wall-zone logic when attaches are present.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed issue with generating movie frames.
- Fixed CTRL+2 keys combination to focus in the console.
- Fixed issue with throwing an exception if unable to create/write 'projectmaster.dat' when loading a project.
- Fixed issues when exporting user-defined data plotting to a datafile by group.
- Fixed issues with some error dialogs staying on top of all system windows.
- FLAC2D/3D Fixed an exception when merging points in Sketch.
- FLAC2D/3D Fixed geogrid plot with coupling stress.
- FLAC2D Fixed issue with internal designation of FLAC2D licenses which prevented using Technical Support dialog.
- PFC Fixed weights calculation for wall-facet contacts.

150 may. 18, 2022

Major improvements:
- Structural element logic added plastic beams, ready for use.

New features and improvements
- Update to the Norsand model.
- FLAC2D Enabled fluid particle tracking.
- FLAC2D/3D Add option of turning off Maxwell damping for structures.

Bug Fixes
- Several fixes to the second/shared license system. The second license available on the same computer that the first is claimed on should work more reliably now.
- FLAC2D Fixes to shear strain plotting, listing, and FISH.
- FLAC2D Fixes to the 2D interface logic.

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